2015 Year In Review

I’m pretty sure that if I consulted the unwritten rulebook of life, I should be sitting around feeling a bit glum right about now. When you look at my “races” over the past couple of months, it adds up to a rather dismal end to an otherwise solid year. Not because my results sucked, but worse, because I failed to finish what I set out to do.

Still, glum does not register in my emotional repertoire. Plus, I have a hard time beating myself up too hard for failing to finish a race where I ended up spitting out chunks of teeth after a nasty fall. I consider myself relatively tough, but it turns out I’m not that tough. So there’s that.

Ouch. (Photo: Robert Boller)

Ouch. (Photo: Robert Boller)

It’s unfortunate to end the year this way. At the same time, running is so much more than simply racing. While you certainly wouldn’t know it from my public failures, the truth is, the training has been pretty great lately. Sooner or later I’ve got to believe that’s going to translate into something tangible. But that’s a 2016 story.

Despite the inconsistency, 2015 had some pretty memorable moments. So instead of getting all bah-humbug, I’ll spend a moment to focus on the positives:

  • I’m the grateful recipient of three fantastic sponsorships: Nike, Tailwind, and Victory Sportdesign, and an ambassador for Picky Bars. I’m well-fueled, well-geared and supremely well-organized. I’m immensely thankful for their unwavering support.
  • On the trail, I set a course record at Black Canyon 100k, won the Montrail Ultra Cup, and came in top 10 at my first 100 miler, Western States.
  • On the road, I set PRs at the half marathon (1:19:09) and the marathon (2:45:30). I won my first road marathon (Santa Rosa), and joined the Elite Women’s Start at the Boston Marathon, fulfilling a long-held dream.
  • I had the honor of being featured in a full-length documentary film focused on this year’s Western States journey, This Is Your Day. I’m thrilled to report the film will be the headliner for the Trails in Motion Film Festival in 2016. Check out the trailer that pieces together some breath-taking footage from the featured films here.
  • I maintained joy and enthusiasm for this amazing sport and connected with many new friends in the ultrarunning community. People who are not only incredible athletes but outstanding individuals to boot.

That’s a lot to be thankful for! Sure, there are plenty of things I need to work on, plenty of things that went wrong, learning experiences had.

But c’mon everyone … ‘tis the season to be jolly! Ply your kids with candy canes and let them run wild. Tell a special person in your life how very much they mean to you. Exchange sloppy kisses with your dog. Win a staring contest with your cat, and then purr out a Christmas carol together. If all else fails, go hug yourself a tree. It helps, I promise.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Nothing like a Kindergarten holiday play to put things into perspective.

Nothing like a Kindergarten holiday play to put things into perspective.

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